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NEC’s Aspire™ Mail and Aspire Mail Plus, are digitally
linked in the Aspire platform. Digital integration brings
increased speed and accuracy to your voice mail system.
And since both Aspire Mail systems mount inside the
Aspire cabinet, they are easy to install.

For users who don’t require large amounts of storage
space, Aspire Mail is a productivity enhancing voice mail
system for cost conscious customers. Aspire Mail
expands from 2 to 8 voice mail ports, includes
200 mailboxes and stores at least three hours of messages.
Aspire Mail options are easily customized from a PC or
laptop computer through the built-in modem or
programming port.

Aspire Mail Plus takes you to the next level of voice mail needs with expanded
storage capacity. At least 130 hours of voice storage are available along with 4 to 8
voice mail ports and 1,000 mailboxes. Even with all of the sophistication built into
Aspire Mail Plus, installation and maintenance are relatively simple. Aspire Mail Plus
can also be customized over your Ethernet LAN.

With Aspire Mail, you’ll get one-touch access to your most frequently used integrated
voice mail features. Use the voice mail features you need the most – like Calling
Your Mailbox and Leaving a Message for a co-worker just by pressing a single key.
Use this same key to check your Message Count Display to see how many
messages you have waiting in your mailbox. One touch “Soft” keys make it easy to
manage your voice mail messages.

And, while you’re on a call, just a few touches can also Transfer your call directly to
a co-worker’s mailbox. For those important messages, mark them Urgent (for priority
treatment) and/or Confidential (for the recipient only).
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